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Another Software Update

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Do you ever feel like you are being continually forced to relearn every program you use?

Personally I don't enjoy being on "learning mode" on a continual basis. I'm no spring chicken and I have limited space left on the hard drive inside my brain. I don't need new bells and whistles to "improve" the interface on my phone, I don't think that Adobe is helping me create better art pieces when they revamp their existing programs by adding or removing tools that I can no longer find or use in the same way. I've invested more time trouble shooting and re-learning the so-called advancements in Lightroom than I've spent editing actual photographs.

I literally feel like I'm trapped in the womb of a computer that refuses to give birth. All I feel is the pain of rebirth and reinvention again and again.

Call me old fashioned, dated or resistant to progress, that may all be true but I will say this,

I prefer to devote my energy to growing as an artist by working on ART rather than uploading new information that will be obsolete or replaced two weeks from today.

Hear this you brilliant techie geniuses, I'm glad you're getting the opportunity to express your creativity by reinventing the wheel on a daily basis but please give the rest of us a chance to catch up. Take a break, go on a vacation, coast for a few weeks and for the love of all that's sacred, let me get some work done!

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