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Perspective is Everything

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

One of the dictionary definitions of perspective describes "the art of drawing the height, width, depth, and position of objects in relation to each other when viewed from a particular point". Or we can simply refer to perspective as our viewpoint. The day I shot this image I was intrigued by the angle of the succulent from where my head was resting on a chaise lounge. I liked the way this tiny flower appeared to be towering above me. Today the photo has served to remind me that perspective is everything, our attitude can be severely impacted by our frame of reference.

We're currently living in a climate of uncertainty and the prospect of being unable to work is looming large in my field of vision. The more I worry about finances the larger the threat of permanent unemployment grows in my mind. My perspective has been severely altered by fear and I've allowed myself to focus through a lens of worry instead of gratitude.

Changing my objectivity towards this particular situation began the moment I chose to looking at it from another direction. I decided to take a step back and pause to breathe. I realized that the story I've been writing is mostly fiction and that there is nothing I can do today to change my circumstances so I may as well enjoy the break that I've been so graciously given. This is a perfect opportunity to spend time with my family, catch up on my reading, love on my dog, and drop a line or two in my journal.

This is IT baby so get into it! This is a time to chill, reflect and let go...

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