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Start a blog you say....

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

I've been threatening to start a blog for years but I have not been able to pick a lane to travel in. The paralysis of fear associated with committing to a particular genre or audience has kept my focus on the "who" instead of the "what" I want to write about. Truth be told, I'm rarely in the same lane for any length of time anyway and I enjoy moving between my roles as wife, mother, yoga teacher, writer, photographer, artist and up until a few weeks ago before the COVID-19 crisis tanked all of my vacation rentals I was a property manager. Now I'm just sort of unemployed, slightly bored and out of excuses as to why I can't take the time to share my thoughts.

The current climate of uncertainty has left many of us feeling a little flat as we trudge through unfamiliar territory. I have experienced food rationing and scarcity as a result of my childhood in Communist Cuba but for the most part my life my has been blessed with what I consider to be abundant choices.

It has been a luxury to spend the last 23 years in Capistrano Beach, the quietest of beach towns with few side walks or even street lamps. Capo is suspended in time with its resplendent vegetation, mix of new to old fall down houses, sweeping ocean view sunsets and a 24 hours singing sky of birds to serenade us. There is no shortage of wild things that creep our yards at night with their eyes glowing bright though the darkened branches. It's the loveliest place I could ever wish to find myself in self imposed quarantine with my family.

The limits of social distancing has forced me to slow down, look inwards (a lot more than I want to) and consider alternative ways to stay occupied. Our dog is starting to look a little exhausted from all walking and I'm bored with binging on mindless television. The energy has to go somewhere so I'm calling out to those of you who have the desire to listen and possibly respond to a myriad of unrelated posts and threads of what could be inspired or downright distorted thinking. The point is to stay connected and to engage in the marvel of communication. To find solace and comfort in knowing that we are not alone and that there is unity in the face of adversity. We will get through this current crisis and hopefully emerge a little richer for having shed the need for "more and learned how to make do with "less".

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