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I may be all over the map but at least I'm still moving...

I have been told that I am the human equivalent of a Swiss Army knife; multipurpose, compact and a little old.


There is a certain freedom that comes with being a Jack of all trades. My interests and talents may run in various directions but there is rarely a long pause between opportunities to make art, write or teach yoga. There may be many words to describe what I do but few that define who I am. I've discarded labels in favor of identification through various mediums, communities and art forms.

This site is intended to serve as a landing strip for words and imagery that explore a wide variety of topics and creative expression. It provides  a safe space to exchange diverse ideas and inspire new thoughts or actions that fuel our continuous journey forward. It is not bound by a particular belief system nor is it designed to impose opinions or advice through any of its content.

Please feel free to join me for a cup of coffee, a sit down and a little moment of reflection, intention and possibly some inspirtation.

 ...come as you, are whipped cream is optional


© 2020 by Mirt Norgren

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